The Beloved Belgian Lion Turns 40

The Belgian Lion, owned by Don & Arlene Coulon opened in 1977 in Ocean beach.  Loyal patrons did not soon forget the slow-food style restaurant (that may have been a bit ahead of it’s time for San Diego).

What do you do when your family’s beloved restaurant turns 40? You throw a grand party for your loyal patrons of course!

Last night, The Little Lion Cafe, owned by the grand-daughters of Don & Arlene (Anne-Marie, Dominique and Jacqueline) presented some of the restaurant’s most revered recipes and wine pairings. Salmon with Sorrel Sauce, Duck Confit Salad, Filet Mignon, those incredible triple fried potatoes…

Last night’s dinner felt a bit more like a family reunion than it did a typical food event. Nearly the whole Coulon family was there to lend a hand.   Grandson Nathan Coulon (Executive chef at True Food Kitchen), along with Don and Anne-Marie were in the kitchen. Michele Coulon, famed San Diego pastry chef took care of desserts. Don’s son Jim helped with service as did Jennifer, one of the Belgian Lion’s long-time servers.

Congratulations Coulon family! You throw one heck of a party!




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