Local Wine, Local Chefs, and Long Tables in a field….

Local Ingredients, Local Chefs, and Long Tables in a field…. with flamenco dancers, lovely people and the ever elusive Mountain Chicken.

El Campito Farm‘s 1st ever “Love Series” dinner was a great success last night.  If the crowd lingers into the evening, soaking in every last shred of ambiance, food and wine until it is time to go… then you have trouble getting rid of them. Well, you can trust you’ve thrown a great party.

The invite to attend was published to Facebook and it didn’t take  long for the event to sell out (thank you Baja Wine + Food for the heads up!):


Kick off the Inaugural El Campito Love Series: El Campito Loves Baja Wine Country!

Celebrating our local, organic, and artisan farm products at a Farm-to-Table and Family-Style Feast prepared al fresco!

Featuring the culinary creativity of Chefs Javier Plascencia and Flor Franco, savory Iberico ham from Iberico Taste, and bountiful wine from Vena Cava Vinícola, Monte Xanic and Adobe Guadalupe.  Entertainment by Paloma Aragon Arte Flamenco

The “El Campito Farm” experience includes:

– Best food you can eat made with the farm products
– 1 bottle of premium handcrafted wine from Baja
– Local artisan beer
– Entertainment: Spanish Guitar & Tablao Flamenco

After a quick little 45-min drive out towards Alpine (and a fast pit-stop at Alpine Brewing Co on the way) we arrived at the end of a beautiful country road. Long banquet tables set up under the giant oak trees, Hess Brewing & Iberico ham samples off to the left with a stunning local goat cheese table set up by Flor Franco.
long tables in a field event venue


After checking in we grabbed our bottles of wine. Yes, they gave us each a whole bottle for the party! And we were off tasting and chatting with everyone. Thankfully I had a little help babysitting my wine while I was off photographing the dinner prep. For some reason I seem to love all the behind-the-scenes energy more than even the completed dishes. More details I suppose, and its fun to see how much effort goes into putting a plate in front of a dinner guest.

long tables in a field event venue

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After a few words of welcome from our hosts, we were seated and dinner service and the flamenco performance began. Such a beautiful afternoon! The location, food, wine and entertainment were the best mix of perfect for a lazy Saturday.


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