About Town Magazine Food Shoot – Chef Bernard & More!

Cover About Town LJ   My good friend Alyssa was kind enough to think of me for her latest project for About Town Magazine.  I was thrilled to get to tour 5 restaurants in one day and meet all the lovely Chef’s and staff to boot.  I love my job!  About Town magazine is in just about every hotel room in San Diego as a reference guide to the San Diego food scene.  They do a really nice job with the printing, its so lovely in person!

Our first restaurant was the Fishery in Pacific Beach with Chef Paul Arias.  This Dungeness Crab Bouillabaisse was as amazing as it looks here.  It was a serious highlight of the day with its pretty colors and knock-you-over yummy aroma.   The photography was done out on the sidewalk in the light rain since they were in the middle of lunch service at the time.  Talk about a challenge!


The Fishery

Next up was a whirlwind tour starting with Samurai Sushi in Solana Beach.  Here we were presented with amazingly elaborate items to shoot.  I was in heaven but unfortunately only one item was supposed to be prepared for this shoot.  I felt kind of bad for them after all the effort they went through.  At least I was able to photograph more items for my own portfolio.  Always a nice little bonus!


After Samurai came Nine-Ten in La Jolla.  A pretty little duck breast presentation there and we were off to the Marine Room and the awesome Chef Bernard.  He had a beautiful spinach-wrapped oyster with 5 different caviar.  Paid with the most aromatic home-made lemoncello-champagne cocktail ever.

Nine-Ten and Marine Room restaurant food photos
Our final two stops were  The Shores Hotel and George’s California Modern.  Chef Amy Dibiase gave us the most incredibly hearty black olive braised lamb shank.  It was so perfect for the Fall weather and just stunning.  After that was Chef Trey Foshee’s artistic arrangement of heirloom organic carrots.  A true piece of art for me to photograph.

The Shores Hotel :: George's At The Cove

The Shores Hotel :: George’s California Modern


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