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Women’s Running: Shawn Johnson + The Paleo Diet

Cooking for Women’s Running is a treat!  As much as I like heavy, sugary, splurgy foods, the recipes that WR give me are actually how I normally eat.  Forget Paleo even, all this lean protein and veggies is right up my alley.  Healthy, energy-producing food.  My world has improved ten-fold since I reduced sugar and eliminated most processed foods from my diet.

Cooking, Styling & Photography are by yours truly (Jennifer Dery if you don’t know) with a little help from Stylist Adrianne Smith in props & prep.  Thanks Adrianne, you rock!

I had two articles in the July issue.  The first were some recipes from Shawn Johnson, the Olympic gymnast turned marathon runner.  The 2nd was an article from Amy Levin-Epstein on eating Paleo to lose weight and improve your running.


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