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Passion Fruit Margarita

When I hit the Saturday Morning farmers market I always keep my eye open for something in-season and unusual.  Well, unusual for me anyway.  This week it was passion fruit.  I see them here & there but this week the market seemed to have exploded with these weird purple wrinkled fruit.  They look quite ugly on the outside, and when you cut them open the bright orange pulp is filled with black seeds.  Makes you kinda wonder if it is worth the hassle.  Well, indeed yes, it IS worth the hassle.  These are potent little suckers and a little goes a long way.

The recipe for today – Passion Fruit Margaritas!

5-6 Passion fruit, cut in half scrape pulp into blender. Discard shells.
6 juice of two good limes

Scrape passion fruit pulp into blender.  Add juice of 6 limes.  Blend (seeds will stay intact.)  Strain through fine mesh sieve and keep juice.  Toss seeds.

Use the Passion-lime mixture to make your favorite margarita recipe – makes 4-6 servings depending on size and potency of the passion flavor you like.

We simply added ice and a bit of agave syrup.  On the rocks – no salt.

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