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Easy and Healthy – Zucchini Hash and Pasture Raised Eggs

I woke up this morning SO HUNGRY!  Which isn’t surprising since I did my workout yesterday plus went swing dancing for about two hours later that evening.  I love this breakfast because it makes me feel like I ate a lot of food, which I do, but it is also very low-calorie.  Win, win!

Later I will have a snack like Shakeology or something to balance out this meal, but this today paired with and an awesome cappuccino and I’m a happy camper.

Zucchini Hash and Pasture Raised Eggs

First, if you can make sure to buy everything organic.  Second, try and find PASTURE raised eggs.  These are not the same as free range, natural or organic.  Pasture raised means your eggs came from happy chickens that get to walk around in the sun and eat anything they run into.  I find the freshest ones at my local farmers market.  In a pinch Whole Foods has them too but I don’t like them as much for flavor.


2 medium pasture raised eggs
1/2c-1c zucchini – diced
1/4 of an onion – diced
8g Olive Oil
Chili Flakes, S&P to taste

Chop Zucchini and onion into the same size dice.  I usually go for about 1/4 inch squares so everything cooks a little faster.  I put a little olive oil (8 grams or less) into a non-stick pan, being careful to pick a pan large enough to not crowd my veggies.  Then saute on medium-low heat the zucchini, onion, salt, pepper and chili flakes.  Cook to whatever level of doneness makes you happy.  I usually go for a caramelized look to mine.

Once my veggies are nearly finished cooking I start a second pan and fry my eggs.  I just use a little olive oil spray in a non-stick pan to keep the calories and fat down.  Cook your eggs however you like them.  I prefer runny yolks and like to mix up everything together so the yolk acts like a super rich sauce for my veggies.  Combine your veggies & eggs and enjoy!  YUM….

Calories add up to about 215 for what I made above.  The nice thing is you can pretty much have as much zucchini as you want.  Half a cup is all of 14 calories!

Add ins:  Variations on this theme include diced peppers, carrots, spinach, asparagus, a slice of prosciutto or half a slice diced bacon.  Really any veg you love works and little meat as a condiment for flavor helps keep it interesting now and then.  The idea is to really keep an eye on the calories.  I urge you again to get a digital scale if you don’t have one.  They are magic for keeping us honest!

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