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Change Through Fitness – Home Made Chili

I love to photograph fun food moments in my life.  For example, my sweet BF who is also an amazing fitness coach, cooking us chili on a cold rainy Saturday.  What I realized later, when processing the images, is that there is almost always a story bigger than what I thought initially went with the images.  In this case I realized, though we were having fun and making something so tasty… the reality is that we were cooking something super lean, full of protein and brimming with all the energy we needed to keep us going through house chores, workouts, social outings and a bit of stress to boot.

Anytime I start reading the ingredient list on the side of packaged foods in a typical grocery store I start to notice something troubling (besides being the trauma of noticing the calorie count).  It has become painfully apparent is that many of the ingredients listed in these foods are not only unpronounceable but not able to be found outside of a laboratory. The more I notice this, the more it freaks me out.

I realized more than a few years ago that caring about my health meant that most processed foods in my regular diet had to go.  But oh, no.. this meant learning to cook… from scratch!  Keeping track of what I consume may be challenging, but it is SO MUCH easier when I know all the ingredients are good for me from the get go.  There is very good reason to start cooking at home, from scratch, with actual ingredients.  Our bodies will thank us for it and our family will be happy to have us around a bit longer.

I started small, I took cooking classes as needed, pulled a lot of lessons from Grandma, and learned how to cook basic healthy meals from scratch.  Meals that will get me through a rough day at the office, a hard workout and a fun social life.  Yes, my food can actually get me through a rough day and keep me happy and healthy… who knew?

Normally I photograph food for commercial reasons., today I did this project to show the possibilities at home and did it with my iPhone nonetheless.  Healthy Chili??  Why yes, it is not only possible, but so yummy!  Pair it with a big salad or other veggies and you are on your way.  Be prepared to guard the leftovers!

Cooks Illustrated – Our Favorite Chili (sorry, you must me a member, then search for the Chili)

March 20, 2012 - 9:14 am

CHANGE THROUGH FITNESS - Butter and Sage – Food Photography by Jen Dery – My Chili - […] A great blog post from Jen Dery about eating healthy and cooking great food.  Jen is an amazing photographer here in San Diego.  One of her current projects is her new Food/Photography blog.  This seems to be a passion for her as not only does she create amazing food, she has a knack for capturing it on film (or digital media I guess, haha).  If you want to work with an amazing photographer for weddings, events, or foodie type things, don’t hesitate to go see her at http://www.jenniferdery.com. […]